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Here are some of the Issue 15’s covers for Batman Comics that should be coming out in December. These covers are quite striking! It seems that Batman & Robin and Detective Comics will be doing a crossover with The Joker theme in December. The Batman & Robin cover looks devilishly more striking using Joker’s grin as a Bat symbol. Detective Comics #15 has a lot to do with Poison Ivy who is featured in Issue #14. Who knows if Poison Ivy has a deal with the Joker, or maybe she’s a pawn in his web of destruction? Who knows…

It seems that the Scarecrow will be around for awhile as he appears on the cover of Batman: The Dark Knight #15. Gregg Hurwitz is really playing this character up.

Very glad to see that the cover for Catwoman looks decent, but it does not strike me at all. World’s Finest is covering a team up between Damian and Helena, which asks the questions “Where is Power Girl?” Also, Batwing seems to be having trouble with people as they are trying to crack his suit. Batwoman’s love interest must be the betrayer because there are snakes surrounding her. Birds of Prey, Katana looks like she might be leaving in Issue #15 for Justice League of America. There’s so much going on in December. Stay Tuned!

See the Issue 15’s covers down below.

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Source- DC Comics


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