I would like to say that Gregg Hurwitz is starting to get better with the storyline for Batman: The Dark Knight especially since Hurwitz is digging more into Scarecrow. Since Hurwitz wrote the back story on The Penguin for Pain and Prejudice, it seems that he might be doing a similar storytelling with the Scarecrow. Pain and Prejudice was not really accepted well with other comic book readers, but I thought it gave a great perspective onThe Penguin.

In this issue, Scarecrow kidnapped another child in the middle of the day, it amazed me that no adult spotted that. I had to chuckle for a moment because I would notice a freaky looking dude like the Scarecrow kidnapping a child, but that is imagination for you. You have to imagine that the Scarecrow can get away with anything, even in the light of day. Now, I didn’t expect to see more children being kidnapped. I was hoping to find out what happened to Comm. Gordon, apparently Scarecrow has some unexpected fate for Gordon. As for the fates of the innocent children, they were given fear toxins and this was related to Scarecrow’s back story. I will not talk about his back story, but think of Pain and Prejudice for The Penguin. This issue reminded me a bit of Batman Begins with this whole issue; I guess Hurwitz re-watched Batman Begins to get his inspiration for this issue. I hope you do continue to read this issue, because the rest of the issue was just hilarious and a bit creepy.


The hilarious parts of this issue was when Batman was using his night vision goggles during the daytime, which is such a mistake. I mean wouldn’t Batman get blinded by the daylight? Another hilarious part was when Scarecrow ambushed Batman with a two barrel shot gun that shot out fear toxin. I mean bring out the banjo! It was such a Hatfield and McCoy moment, “I comin’ ta git ya, Batman! Put sum buckshots in yo ass!” I’m sorry I had to go there. The comic book is worth the read, David Finch (artist) did well with drawing. I thought Tony S. Daniel (previous artist) was doing the art for this comic book? I guess he must have gotten off sooner than expected. Good for Daniel, he needed to get off.

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