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Empire Magazine interviewed Christopher Nolan in a 22 minute interview. Nolan talks about how he first got the job back in 2003. He even dabbles in some rumors, and talks a lot about The Dark Knight Rises.  Nolan gave a bit of advice to the next director to take up the next Batman movie. Here’s what he said:

The only advice I would have is…when I first met with Paul Levitz of DC prior to Batman Begins, he explained to me very clearly that Batman, of all superheroes, has thrived on reinterpretation and almost being strengthened by it. And I’m talking obviously about over the years in the comic books but then also through the movies. So when the time is right, when somebody does whatever the next iteration of the character is, they simply need to be true to what they really want to see, do something they believe in, not worry too much about what everyone else is telling them it should be.

Christopher Nolan’s interview starts at the 37:10. So, give it a listen and dive into the last bits of Nolan’s Batman reign! Check out the soundcloud podcast down below and comment.

Source- Empire Podcast



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