by Ryan Shields
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Being the costume designer on all three of Nolan’s Batman films, she has to be pretty familiar with the cape and cowl by now.  Each film as Bruce has dealt with villains from his Rouges Gallery, the suit has evolved to accommodate his needs.  It was made to strike fear into the criminals in Begins, tailored to make him more agile and able to “back out of the driveway easier” in The Dark Knight, but in Rises the suit hasn’t really changed much.

Well, the Batman suit is the same, apart from any adaptations from what the action is in this film.  It’s the same suit.  There’s no new technology to the actual suit, so that’s the answer to that.

Very straight to the point.  So there it is.  Can’t wait to see what small modifications Buce makes to the suit in the film to tackle Bane.  9 more days people!


Source: Collider

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