TDKR Follows Footsteps Of TDK In Movie Debut Releasing

Earlier todayThe Bourne Legacy was pushed from the August 3rd release date to an August 10th release date.  Nobody quite knew why at first, but now Deadline is reporting the reason for the movie being pushed is because ofThe Dark Knight Rises being released on July 20th andTotal Recall a week later.

Personally, I do not see how a Total Recall remake could scare a gigantic movie such as The Bourne Legacy.  But… The Dark Knight Rises on the other hand….

Now, if anyone can remember, back in 2008, when The Dark Knight was vamping up to be released there was another film that was pushed off its release date as well.  They had also specifically cited that they did not want to be in the firing line of The Dark Knight and that was the reason for that movie being pushed as well.

In 2008 The Dark Knight broke almost every box office record and stayed as the number 1 film until Tropic Thunder finally pushed it off its perch a month later.

I guess some films are just feared, and others just whelm the competition prior to release.  CoughcoughAvengerscough.


Source: Deadline