Mountain Dew Launches TDKR Campaign

Mountain Dew has launched their marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises as we have seen in NASCAR, and on their new bottles with TDKR logo and pictures of Bane and Batman on the bottle. Now a recent press release by Mountain Dew said

For super fans eagerly awaiting a taste of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises,” the wait is over.

Today, Mountain Dew launched the highly anticipated, a hub including never-before-seen Dark Knight content, which provides unprecedented access to Gotham City.

From a deeper look at the Dark Knight franchise to exclusive content that helps to bridge the eight-year gap between the trilogy’s second and third installment storylines, is the ultimate destination for fans looking to experience “The Dark Knight Rises” before the film’s opening day, Friday, July 20.

Check out specially marked bottles of Mountain Dew products and use the codes underneath the cap to unlock and enter for chances to win prizes and enter into the several sweepstakes they have to offer!


Source:  dewgothamcity