A children’s book entitled Batman versus Catwoman written by Lucy Rosen and illustrated by both Andy Smith & Jeremy Roberts has now give us confirmation of a spoiler we have all speculated on since the first trailer.

After the first trailer came out, there was a hailstorm of speculation that everyone’s favorite cat-burglar stole one of Bruce Wayne’s most cherished heirlooms.  This heirloom was of course his mother’s pearl necklace that she was donning the night she was murdered.

The synopsis of the book is what is able to confirm the one spoiler that almost everyone was 100% sure on already…:

There’s a ferocious feline in town, and she’s out to steal from Gotham’s wealthy citizens. Unfortunately, Catwoman makes a mistake when she visits venerable citizen Bruce Wayne and takes Bruce’s prized family heirloom. She thinks she made a clean escape . . . but she doesn’t know who she toyed with!

However, what I find more interesting to this synopsis is that now even Harper’s Collins is calling Selina Kyle Catwoman.  I know that Anne Hathaway has already told a television show the story of when she was told she got the role, that she used the phrase “I am going to be Catwoman!,” but I have always been on the fence over the name Catwoman.

This is because Warner Bro’s has never used the name Catwoman to describe the character.  They have always refereed to her as Selina Kyle.

Personally, I have always thought this was because there would be a distinct difference between Nolan’s Selina Kyle alter-ego and the comic world’s Selina Kyle alter-ego.  For example the lack of a whip and the greater inclusion of a gun (she has carried a gun in the comics but it was always secondary to her whip.)  This of course would make Selina Kyle a new character to the Batman universe, much like my feelings on Miranda Tate.  I think that Warner Bro’s might be playing the same game with both characters.  Tate might not be Talia al Ghul in her purest sense, but she will be a villainess of some sort.

But, now that we have a book comic out with the synopsis confirming her as Catwoman, maybe Warner Bro’s is not playing an enigmatic game.  However, a third party book is not always 100% correct.

Here is an image of the necklace between both Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Rises:

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