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Cue the “Imperial March,” the Darth Knight has come figurine style!

A long, long, long…LONG time ago. It is more like last year around October 2011, Malmey Studios made the most awesome mash-up of Darth Knight! It is like George Lucas and Bob Kane had an asthmatic emotionally/socially awkward child that took vengeance to a whole new level.  I must say it is beautiful, pure, unadulterated piece of fine work! *Homer drool*


Anyway,  John Harmon, a known customizer took the inspiration of the costume and made it into an awesome customized figurine. He is  known for his Mint Condition Customs website where he customizes classic figurines into anything. ANYTHING! So, if you wanted to see Batman in any color, shape, form, or just have awesome accessories added into your collection. John Harmon is the guy to custom one’s every figurine desire. Here is a bit of Harmon’s Mint Condition Customs description about his work as a professional artist and customizer:

“This site is here to showcase my custom action figures. But what is customizing? Customizing is the art of taking an action figure and making it different. It involves swapping out parts, painting, and sculpting to either improve upon the existing figure or turn it into a completely different character. A custom is a one of a kid piece of art, but I always make sure that my customs can be played with and posed as well. I make it my business to help people fill gaps in their collections where the toy companies have not.”

Harmon is a dream come true. I mean the man is very gifted and wants to share the wealth with fans of every genre from Batman to He-man. How Harmon made the Darth Knight is incredible! From transplanting Batman’s head onto Darth Vader’s helmet to those sweet subtle sliver accents on the chest plate. There is so more to how Harmon actually produced this sweet figurine that I am actually go leave a trail of bread crumb links so you can appreciate his AWESOMENESS! Give credit where credit is due. In a few years, his work will be sought after and profited.

Tell me what you think about the Darth Knight. Do you think this mash-up works well or did it trump in your eyes? Would you even shell out the money to buy this in an auction? Leave your comments below or on Facebook.

Malmey Studios

John Harmon’s Mint Condition Customs

Source- Geekologie via Technabob


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