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Kristina here,

I am following WonderCon from Twitter and Comic Book Resources through DC comics and the discussions are sounding quite amazing. Some overview stuff from DC All Access panel hosted by John Cunningham, Bob Harras, Eddie Berganza, Scott Snyder, Dustin Nguyen, Brian Q. Miller, and Scott Lobdell discussing New 52 developments.

Berganza and Harras excitedly talk about the New 52’s for Batman: The Dark Knight with Gregg Hurwitz and David Finch :

“Gregg was so excited about coming onto this book, he has already written his first six or seven issues,” said Harras. “It’s going to just make people more excited. The plans both writers have got, I think they have a whole lot of exciting plans. … I think this is just another exciting chapter in the Batman family.”

“In the Bat-books, I think we have some of the best talent out there,” said Berganza.

“I’ve read Gregg’s first issue because I loved what he was doing with ‘Penguin,'” said Snyder. “I’m really excited he’s coming to Gotham with us.”

In the New 52‘s,  Snyder talks about some new developing plans for Batman with the new cover of Batman #9. Snyder shares some light on Batman # 9. “This is the issue where Batman really begins to kick ass,” Snyder said. “This is where Batman is up off his knees and he’s ready to punish the court. I can’t wait for it to come out.” Batman #9 sounds like its going to be the issue we all cannot wait for.

Lobdell discusses his favorite Red Hood and the Outlaws. He talks about Starfire, Jason, and Roy: “Red Hood and the Outlaws, will send Starfire into space as Roy and Jason are stung to learn she’s this very feared, respected commander of a space ship and her reputation is such that entire armadas will turn in another direction when she shows up,” he said. “She’s that awesome.” Red Hood is right now my favorite former Robin just  a total bad ass vigilante hands down. So, I am excited for Lobdell’s issue to come out.

Nguyen and Miller took advantage in using DC‘s digital program called, Digital First. Miller talks about the program describing how easy it is to make issues. Nguyen used the program for Batman Beyond Unlimited and he talks a little bit about the upcoming comic: “I think by chapter two or three, we’re in space and doing full-on Justice League Beyond stuff.” So, maybe we will able to see more issues coming out online that would be so much more progressive. Here, here to the DC getting their stuff together.

There will be more tomorrow on WonderCon 2012 so keep posted on darkknightnews.com

Sources- Comic Book Resources via Twitter


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