Daniel Sunjata Discusses Role in The Dark Knight Rises

by Ryan Shields
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In a recent exclusive interview with ‘DA MAN‘: Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine, Actor Daniel Sunjata briefly discusses his role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’:

DA MAN: “Can you tell us more about your role in The Dark Knight Rises and working with Director Nolan?”

Daniel Sunjata: “Under penalty of death, I have been sworn to secrecy regarding this project, but what I can tell you is that I portray a special forces operative who tries to help Batman defeat Bane. Working with Christopher Nolan was a great thrill for me. Taking direction from such a visionary artist is what every actor dreams of. I was very thankful for the opportunity.”

DA MAN: “It appears that Nolan has been extremely secretive about The Dark Knight Rises. Was that part of something the whole cast had to buy into?”

Daniel Sunjata: “Appearances can sometimes be deceiving, but not in this case. Indeed an impenetrable cloud of secrecy surrounded the entire shoot—to the extent that most of the actors never saw a full script. We even had to sign confidentiality agreements. Beyond that, however, the burden of maintaining secrecy rests mainly with the production staff and with Mr. Nolan.”

Mr. Sunjata has told us more than we have heard since The Prologue & Trailer. His character sounds awesome I cant wait to see more of his character. –Brandon

Source: DA MAN: Men’s Fasion & Lifestyle Magazine

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