Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Ready To Suit Up As Flashpoint Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is teasing fans again about potentially suiting up as Thomas Wayne’s Batman in the upcoming Flashpoint film that Warner Bros. and DC Films are still actively developing.

In a recent interview with Total Film, the The Walking Dead actor revealed that he is well aware of the Flashpoint version of the character from the comics and even discussed the possibility of playing Batman with Zack Snyder way back when the two were working on Watchmen together.

“Look, I’m not going to lie. Zack Snyder and I talked about doing Batman together when we did Watchmen. I think it was both he and I’s favorite character and favorite story.”

With Watchmen being a 2009 release, they were likely working on the film in 2007/2008, making that conversation about a decade old at this point. The Flashpoint crossover would be 3 years away in the comics and Christian Bale was still wearing the cape and cowl in Christopher Nolan’s vision of the character. So it’s likely their conversation revolved around a Bruce Wayne Batman, and they were probably just fantasizing “what if” scenarios since still Nolan held creative control of the character on film at the time. Who would’ve thought so many years later Morgan would cameo as Thomas Wayne in a DC film and that a Thomas Wayne Batman would be a thing he could transition to.

Morgan continues:

“And what I know about Flashpoint Batman is, you know, for me, I think he is not only the darkest of the Batmen, but the coolest. And I love his whole storyline and who he is and the tortured soul of it all.”

Batman is already considered one of the darkest superheroes in existence today, but Morgan hits the nail on the head that the Flashpoint version is probably the darkest. Thomas Wayne witnessing the murder of his only child, Bruce, which causes his wife to lose her mind and become the Joker? Definitely a darker take than we’re used to from Batman mythos.

When asked if Morgan will actually be suiting up as Batman in the Flashpoint film, Morgan says it’s up to Warner Bros. and DC Films.

“We’ll see. I mean, look, DC is DC and they’ll figure out what they’re going to do next. But I’m highly aware of the character, I will say that. I’m highly aware of the character, and it would probably be a thrill of a lifetime to put on the Batsuit.”

With as great as an actor as Jeffrey Dean Morgan is, I have no doubt that he would be an incredible Flashpoint Batman. Unfortunately, the tea leaves seem to indicate that Zack Snyder is done, not only with DC related films, but potentially WB in general. It’s becoming more and more clear that his departure from Justice League wasn’t as smooth as fans were lead to believe. So it’s unlikely this duo will get to work on the project they dreamed of so long ago.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. Morgan isn’t locked in to play Thomas Wayne’s Batman. Flashpoint is still not guaranteed to be made, despite WB telling us otherwise. And the whole DCEU seems to be in limbo.

If Flashpoint finally does comes to fruition on the silver screen, how would you feel if Jeffrey Dean Morgan were to return as Thomas Wayne? Let us know!

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports