Review: Justice League #8

Justice League #8 | “Outbreak,” Part 1

justl_cv8_dsWriter – Bryan Hitch

Pencils – Neil Edwards

Inks – Daniel Henriques

Colors – Tony Avina

Letters – Richard Starkings and Comicraft

Cover – Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Brad Anderson

Variant – Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Ahead!

Bryan Hitch and his creative team brings a Batman and Cyborg-centric issue in Justice League #8. The other heroes make brief, yet important appearances. However, their part in this story seems reserved for future issues.

Cyborg is infiltrated by someone or something, which gives the invader access—not just to Cyborg’s considerable strength— but also to the League and its secrets. Whomever or whatever is in control of Cyborg has bad intentions. The Bat Cave is hacked as well, presumably by the same culprit. Batman’s arsenal of vehicles and their defense mechanisms are turned on its makers, as Bruce and Alfred struggle to protect themselves from their creations.

Justice League #8 is artistically beautiful. The characters and scenes blend together. The color contrasts well and fits within each character’s spectrum and plays well within the panels. As with most Justice League stories, there are a few spectacular splash pages that capture the sheer mass of the story’s gravity.

This issue starts a new storyline, “Outbreak,” which sees the League still reeling from the catastrophic events of the past. However, the events of the most recent issues are left largely unresolved. Perhaps the previous storyline (“State of Fear” in Justice League #6-7) is being realized, but in different ways that the team’s individualized fears? Cyborg has incredible access to almost everything the League has to offer—its secrets, powers, and personalities. Now, they are all being used against them. Cyborg is literally out of control. Will protecting earth come at an ultimate cost?

While other members of the League makes appearances, Superman is absent in Justice League #8. Perhaps, he will have a significant role that helps resolve the conflict in upcoming issues?

The ability to hack a Green Lantern’s ring seems a bit problematic. Whomever or whatever did the hacking not only controls Cyborg, which made sense with him being largely cybertronic, but also can control humans? Unlike Cyborg though, Simon makes no visible effort to suppress the evil his ring unleashes. Currently, this is a gap that I hope will be explored in upcoming issues.

Justice League #8 gets a new storyline off to a good start. The cinematic panels and plot devices work well. What happens if the League is turned on itself? How will they fight off an unseen enemy? I look forward to seeing how the storyline moves and fits into Hitch’s newly established continuity.


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John Hagmann

John Hagmann

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