Impressive Batman vs Joker Inspired LEGO Display

What is better than Batman vs The Joker?  Batman vs The Joker… as LEGOs!  Paul Hetherington is a LEGO building master who specializes in creating DC Comics-inspired pieces.

Taking place outside of a Gotham City theater, Batman and Robin are trying to stop the Joker, who is on a customized train car that Hetheringon calls his “Streetcar named Destruction”, a nod to the famous play A Streetcar Named Desire.

In classic Joker style, he has poisoned the Gotham Police with his patented Joker gas causing them to laughing uncontrollably in the streets.  Batman and Robin can be seen approaching the scene in the Batcopter to save the day once again.


Batman vs Joker LEGO full


The most impressive part of this display isn’t the detail or the size, but the fact that it’s constantly in motion!   Complete with a creepy Joker laugh, the sound of the cops losing their minds, and the hovering of the Batcopter above the streets, this display is truly a work of art.


Here is what Hetherington had to say on the project:

“I absolutely love Art Deco style buildings so building this was an excuse to indulge myself and create my own Art Deco Theater. It was loosely inspired by the Marbro Theater (1927) that used to stand in Chicago. American Picture Palaces by David Naylor was an incredible source of inspiration and information on this disappearing style of architecture.”

This scene reminds me of the finale of Batman (1989) when the Joker poisons the citizens of Gotham with his Joker gas during the city’s 200th birthday parade celebration and Batman swoops in to save the day in his Batwing.  The only thing that’s missing are the balloons.

More photos of the Batman vs Joker LEGO display can be seen in Hetherington’s gallery.  If you have created any Batman themed LEGO displays, we’d love to see them!  Feel free to share and post in the comments!

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports