DC All Access: Scott Snyder Talks ‘Endgame’ & Beyond

In this DC All Access bonus clip, Batman scribe Scott Snyder discusses the paradigm shifting “Endgame” arc. Apparently this sequel of sorts to “Death of the Family” will change the Batman landscape so much that they toyed with the idea of calling the book “All-New Batman” once the storyline wraps.

“Endgame really changes everything. You’ll see it reflected in every Bat book,” said Snyder.

In addition to all that, Snyder gives a few hints at what’s to come when the book resumes in June to begin its new direction. We will at least be able to sample what’s to come on Free Comic Book Day (May 2) in an 8-page preview to be included in Divergence.

Batman #39, the penultimate chapter of “Endgame,” is available in comic shops today. Be sure to check back soon for my colleague Ryan Lower’s review.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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