UPDATED: TMZ Believes that Callan Mulvey Could be Playing the Joker in Batman v. Superman

UPDATED: I often pride myself in knowing as much as possible about anything I’m reporting on, but somehow I missed the follow-up to Larry Fong’s Instagram photo, where he tried his hardest to clear up all the rampant speculation. Within the comments of the Instagram post, Fong posted a YouTube video of Ricky Jay throwing cards in the attempt to quell the flames of the Internet speculation. When all else failed, Fong followed up with a Tweet that became the supposed final nail in the coffin of the Joker.

This story requires a bit of catch-up for those who are not quite up-to-date on all the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice news. Yes, that’s the title and yes, I love it. One, it sets up Justice League and two, Batman is all about the justice and I can’t wait for him to bring it. callanmulvey

A couple months back, in some seemingly inconsequential news that flew over everyone’s heads, WB released a press release stating they were adding three more actors to the cast of BvS to play original characters created specifically for the movie. Zero Dark Thirty alumnus Callan Mulvey was listed among the names. The character’s identity still remains a secret.

In other pertinent news, despite being posted about a month ago, it was discovered last week that BvS cinematographer Larry Fong instagrammed a photo of a playing card stuck in some concrete with a very small hint at it being tied to BvS. This set the Internet ablaze with speculation that the Joker may make an appearance in the upcoming Man of Steel follow-up. Larry Fong has since tried his hardest to debunk all the speculation, but alas, the ship had already set sail and no amount of backtracking could undo the damage. Despite the fact that I know and several others know, it doesn’t seem like TMZ knows. 


What do these things have anything to do with one another? Well, TMZ has formulated a theory after they accosted Mulvey himself out on the street. (I’m fully aware of whom I source, but you have to hear this out. It’s very likely nothing, but they certainly have reason to speculate.) They’re speculating that with Mulvey’s uniquely hardened visage – prominent scars on his face, his Australian heritage – Heath Ledger was Australian, and the mystery surrounding his unknown role in BvS, he could be playing the Joker. Since, you know, the card tells us that the Joker may appear. They topped it all off with video footage of their inquiry of Mulvey. When asked about his possible role as the Joker, Mulvey replied, “I can’t say anything, man.” Apparently, that was enough to lend support to his theory. With this, I have to say I’m thankful that TMZ writers are not offered any chances review papers for any peer-reviewed journals.

It’s very likely that Mulvey is simply playing it safe and strongly adhering to his non-disclosure agreement with WB, but there’s always the off-chance that TMZ is correct and that we have our new Joker. But for now, make sure that you are fully aware that this is SPECULATION! It’s not even a rumor, it’s just what TMZ believes and hopes is the case.

What do you think? Too soon for a new Joker? If not, is Callan Mulvey the right person to play him? Let me know.

Source – TMZ (Via FlickingMyth), MovieFone


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