Another Round of Damian

Damian: Son of Batman is an interesting little miniseries by Andy Kubert, that has grabbed my attention. We’re halfway through the “what if” story, and next week brings us the third chapter.

Here’s a synopsis: Damian Wayne has been bruised and beaten to a pulp…but nothing before will compare to his latest confrontation with the horde of villains in this issue. When pitted against Professor Pyg, DC villain’s month darling Jakanapes and other baddies, how will Damian survive—especially when he finds a certain clown waiting for him at the finish line?

damian damian2 damian3 damian4 damian5


Are YOU ready to spend $3.99 next week?

Source: Comic Book Resources

Ryan Lower

A lifelong fan of the Dark Knight, Ryan Lower grew up far from Gotham in Indiana but has planted roots in Chicago. A writer for a T.V. station, he also enjoys brooding at home in his own batcave, devouring Batman comics, shows and movies.