Adam Driver Being Considered For Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman — Rumor

Adam Driver at the "Inside Llewellyn Davis" premier.
Adam Driver at the “Inside Llewellyn Davis” premier.

It has been rumored, most notably by Latino Review, that a search for a “young John Fawkes” type for the part of Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman is taking place — in particular, ‘Girls” actor Adam Driver appears to be in consideration for the part. While the rumor that Nightwing will appear in the movie is still unconfirmed, this actor, who has purportedly impressed the Warner Bros. Studios, appears to be the most likely candidate. Driver, after serving in the Marines for a few years, has also worked on Movies such as “J. Edgar,” “Lincoln,” and “Inside Llewellyn Davis,” and made his impression on WB Studios with his performance in “This is Where I Leave You.” In addition, anonymous sources told The Wrap that two other actors were contenders for the role, though they have yet to be named.

Sources: Latino Review, The Wrap