Mattel Releases Beware the Batman and Vampire Batman Action Figures

Beware the Batman and Vampire Batman action figures by Mattel have been sighted recently in stores. Initially, I was a bit weary of Beware the Batman. I wasn’t too fond of the altered backstory of Alfred, especially after seeing him uncharacteristically wield a firearm in that dreadful poster, and the overall look of the show. But being that it was simply a preliminary image, I chose not to pass judgment too quickly and to give it a try… After all, it is Batman. So far, of the few episodes I have seen, I have to say that I am enjoying it thus far. The show really isn’t afraid to really push it to a dark place. I’ve always been a fan of shows that won’t condescend to kids and this is no exception. In fact, it might actually be a little too dark for kids, but I really hope that doesn’t change as it is because of that tone and intensity infused into each episode so far that’s making me come back every week.

With that being said, I can’t complain too much about the recent sighting of Mattel Batman figures. It surfaced on the Internet that various stores have started stocking Beware the Batman action figures as a well as a Vampire Batman figure. From what I read, this is actually a third wave in a Mattel action figure line officially entitled “Batman Unlimited,” thus the reason for the random offerings from a show and from, presumably, Earth 43. The Beware the Batman figure looks pretty cool and pretty accurate to the show, as the look of Batman in that show lends itself pretty well to a sleek action figure like this one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look too much like his comic book counterpart and more so like just some crappy variant that Mattel decided to put out.

Take a look:

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What do you think? Do you see yourself grabbing these? Let me know.

Source  – Toyark

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