Arkham City Released For Mac, Board Game Coming Soon?


Although I have already bought and played the critically acclaimed “Arkham City” on the 360, before that I spent many hours trying to port a version to my Mac but to end up failing months before geting it on the 360.  With that said, I know that this is a moment of bliss for many still waiting to play the game.  It retails for $40 US in the Mac App Store and includes all the DLC at just over 10 GB of space for a download.

Source: TUAW

In other “Arkham City” news, Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that in February of 2013 the company will release “Batman: Arkham City Escape, The Board Game.”  the objective of the game is for Batman (one player) to stop members of his Rouges Gallery (other players) from escaping Arkham, plain and simple.  Cryptozoic promises a wide variety of outcomes, with the game utilizing various cards to decide outcomes.  With a game like this, the series will be able to branch out and reach a younger audience and gain a bigger fan base.  I can picture families pulling this out on game night.  Sounds like a winner to me!


Source: GMA Network