Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set To Be Next Batman After All?

Oh…my…god…You guys know the drill by now, take this story with a huge grain of salt, well big for a grain anyway.  It seems this is one thing that will never die away, over at Motion/Captured with HitFix it seems they have learned the truth that WB is planning on JGL who you recently seen portray John Blake in TDKR play Bruce Wayne/Batman in not only Justice League, which is set for a 2015 release, but a film prior to JL which leads only to one thing…A Man of Steel cameo.  Wow this is a lot to take in.  Team JGL all the way!  Now before all of you, or some, start complaining about “Oh well they are rebooting it, how will that make sense, blah blah blah…” I hate to bring up Marvel again but didn’t we just see Chris Evans play Captain America, who was previously seen before that as the Human Torch?  I know people have already forgotten but I think I need not say more.  Who’s all for this??

“Made some mistakes, Ms. Kyle.”


Source: Collider


  • nah. not keen for a JL film at all…will be shit

  • Still on the fence about a JL movie but I would be fine with him as Bruce Wayne. He’s a good actor who commits to the parts he plays.

  • h4v0k_528491

    No. Leave this universe alone

  • sherlock217

    yeah yeah yeah.he’s a hell of an actor and i’m totally cool with the reboot.i mean come on guys,if it were for nolan,there’d be no more batman movies from now that what you guys want??.joseph gordon is a great choice for the character