After leaving Catwoman, Winick is going to continue doing Batwing and he specifically asks for Marcus To. The Canadian artist, Marcus To, has a unique talent to give each character he draws its own design look from head to toe. Winick asks for himself specifically because Batwing will be going more international than he already has been. Marcus To has been on Batwing since Issue #9 and here’s what Winick has to say about Marcus To:

I wouldn’t so much say that it works for my brand of storytelling so much that I try to write to the artist as much as I can. This is Marcus’ wheelhouse and it’s a really awesome wheelhouse. He just does really terrific superhero comics. What we have him do in “Batwing,” as we did so much of his origin, we wanted to really break out into telling larger super hero stories, things that harken back to things I grew up with. I really like seeing a lot of folks, a lot of villains in costume in the book, keeping it busy and moving along, and we do. It’s just jam-packed with lots of characters and Marcus is very good at that. He has a really straightforward approach, he has great acting, the characters always look incredibly individual. It’s not like Barbie dolls where the heads are interchangeable, its not like different wigs! [Laughs] That’s something we say, a wig artist, where everyone looks the same just with different hair. You don’t see that with Marcus. Everyone’s a character, and I dig that. It really works for the story.

Source- CBR