If you have been on the site, you would know that we have theorized about how Batman and Bane have more than one fight scene together. Christian Bale discusses what is the meaning behind those fight scenes and why there is more than one fight scene:

“The thing I liked so much about the fight sequences with [Bane] is they’re never just knock-down fight sequences,” he

Bane vs Batman

began, having earlier referenced the villain as “the first adversary of Batman’s that you know could probably whip his butt.” “You learn something more about each character throughout each fight, which is the mark of a good fight. …You learn about what Batman has had to go through from the beginning of the movie to the end in order to be able to defeat this man. And you’re learning about Bane as well, and the changes that have come over him. And that’s always essential in any fight. That’s really what you’re looking for.. We’ve seen so many people punching each other non-stop, who cares? You’re looking for ‘what are the changes? What are the weaknesses? What are the strengths of each character that are going to allow them to dominate one or the other?'”

The fight scenes are ways to see how each character develops in the story. In my opinion, Batman fights Bane the first time and gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Batman learns that Bane is methodical and does not really change his moves so that presents weakness. This is an approach to showing the development of the characters through the movie because even the fight scenes are involved in the concept of the story telling. I mean every element in the movie is planned out and executed to bring more value to the movie. This is a definite Academy Award winner damn it! LET IT BE, OSCARS! LET IT BE!

Source- Hit Fix