Review: Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #7

by Lauren Fiske
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“Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong” – Book Seven
Writer: Brian Buccellato
Artists: Christian Duce and Tom Derenick

Color Artist: Luis Guerrero
Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Tyler Smith
Review by Lauren Fiske

The end is here! Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #7 provides all the wrap-up and endings needed for this brief series. Every remaining question gets answered (including the proposal Superman never got to finish in the first issue) and tidied up.

Somehow with a dozen monsters running around, there ended up being only a handful of deaths and even a happily ever after, for the most part.

If you haven’t read anything else in the series, make sure to take a peep at our previous reviews.

Questions? Answered!

In my last review, I had more than a few questions about the fates of various characters and plotlines. Surprisingly, this issue answered all those questions and more. Yes, the disappearance of Toyman is finally explained and resolved, and SHAZAM’s inability to return to the fight is revealed (very apropos of the Legion of Doom to kidnap and abandon a child, even if he is superpowered). The cover already spoils one surprise as, yes, Superman returns, all healed up and ready to fight.

As I stated, I’m shocked by the fact that so many questions were answered in this finale. While, once again, getting those answers felt a bit rushed due to the seven-issue order, there have been hastier wrap-ups in comics and other media.

Everything ended up finishing satisfactorily, especially since the issue gave a couple of pages to go back to Clark’s wedding proposal, the main question the series asked in the first place. As expected, Lois’s response fit the story and ended the series perfectly.


As much as was included in an issue that answered questions, there was also a lot of new material. Beast Boy kicked butt, we saw Godzilla unleashed and got some incredible mech action… oh, and we also got a very surprising Kong twist.


While the series could have been expanded or paced a bit differently, Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #7 provides a fulfilling conclusion to this brief yet packed saga. The cast of characters was massive but worked well for such an involved story. It was neat to see so many different settings covered in one series, instead of sticking to just one hero’s city.

The creative team has continually done a great job, the crossover has been excellent and shows how far a consistent and dedicated team can take a mini-series. Overall, I’m glad I got to review this title, as it’s a great read for anyone looking for a quick story with brief but various cameos.

I’ll definitely be rereading the story, to pick over each page’s panels for more background details that I’m sure I missed, the first time around.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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