Review: Batman/Dylan Dog #2

by Carl Bryan
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Batman/Dylan Dog – Book Two  “To Hell And Back”
Writer: Roberto Recchioni
Artists: Gigi Cavenago and Werther Dell’Edera
Color Artist: Giovanna Niro
Letterer:  Pat Brosseau
Review by Carl Bryan

Batman/Dylan Dog #2 introduces none other than John Constantine joining the case. Of course, with Dylan Dog involved, it would naturally mean that Constantine would eventually be brought into the mix somewhere.

Meanwhile, Batman’s hunting for a kidnapped Catwoman in London. All of this is then further complicated by the fact that the Joker’s still at large… so pack your bags and bring plenty of sun tan lotion.  It’s not London anymore…this circus is going to Hell!

Yes Dylan… The Joker wants to resurrect Christopher Killex!
– Groucho.”

Hell is Wherever You Build It, Mate!

Roberto Recchioni hits a home run with this piece of dialogue as Dylan Dog and Constantine are off on a quest to go to Hell… literally, and where does one enter that portal of suffering? Through Constantine’s fridge.  There’s so much commentary on this one frame in the comic… however, I digress!

Recchioni’s got a great funny bone; I mean, who else would give readers Groucho Marx as a butler? ‘Jumping Judas!”, “Yep he’s here too”.  We get a great exchange between Constantine and Dylan Dog. Finally the shared experience of Picadilly Circus being Constantine’s Hell… hilarious. Well done Rechhioni with the “tongue in cheek” high-brow humor!

Constantine Speaks

Roberto Recchioni really writes a great commentary from John Constantine to Dylan Dog. Do you want a social statement about the state of the world today? Spend some time in the pages of this book!

We once wore Hell on our bodies like a filthy coat… now we hide it behind our social media profiles!”
– John Cnstantine

Those are some poetic and thought-provoking words, however, Dylan Dog gives it right back to Constantine, and that’s where Recchioni excels. He writes to all readers!


The Rhyming and Rapping Demon from Hell… sigh. He’s been showing up a LOT in DC lately, especially in recent issues of Batman, in various stories.

However, why should we be surprised?  This book already features one of DC’s main occult figures, so why not bring in Etrigan?

When our intrepid duo gets to Hell, that’s where artists Gigi Cavenago and Werther Dell’Edera take over as the pages turn hot from their art! Even Roberto Recchioni pays homage to Heavy Metal Albums with a spirited exchange in conversation.

Humor Abounds In This Issue 

Talk about the success of The Walking Dead, Constantine, and Dylan Dog need a series on the Talking Dead. The exchanges are awesome in this issue as the writing has certainly improved hugely from the first issue. While the first chapter felt a little formulaic, it appears that Recchioni was just hitting his stride. We even get a glimpse of where the Joker is going to end up…but it appears he has already visited.  Whew!


Well… Batman/Dylan Dog #2 doesn’t really have a conclusion as much as a cliffhanger. How does this intrepid due get out of Hell? I would imagine by meeting the Devil himself? Recchioni’s done an excellent job with the writing in this one, I wasn’t expecting the clever humor that I encountered and arguably wasn’t really looking forward to reading and reviewing this issue. However…what a rebound! Perhaps with having to catch up American audiences who may not be familiar with Dylan Dog made it the main task for issue #1, but #2 is all go!

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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