Review: The Batman: First Knight #2

The Batman: First Knight – Book Two
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Mike Perkins
Color Artist: Mike Spicer
Letterer:  Simon Bowland
Review by Carl Bryan

The Batman: First Knight #2 continues the tale of a Dark Knight from the era of the Great Depression when America was on the brink of World War II.  Man-made zombies continue to terrorize Gotham City, and Gotham’s police are no closer to solving the mystery behind the appearance of a rash of murderous undead creatures. Batman’s formed an alliance with Commissioner Gordon, but it seems like he’s next on the hit list.

Will the Caped Crusader forego using only his fists and arm himself? It seems the only way to stop these creatures.

So long as I live this life, I’m all I got!”
– Bruce Wayne .

“@#$%^”…. It’s a Black Label Comic!

If you like your comics with some spice in the stew, then this one’s for you! No, there’s no gratuitous cursing, but the use of language is perfect for the situations and the storm brewing in Gotham. Gordon’s angry, Batman’s incensed, and the Criminal element wants the Dark Knight’s head on a stick and adorned with…. well…buy the issue.

Be warned, though… it’s spicy pulp noir!

Dan Jurgens is flexing his writing chops! 

Jurgens is turning up the heat with more than just colorful dialogue. Last month, he left us with quite the cliffhanger and he manages to resolve it quite well in this chapter. The writer delivers the explanation in an old-school style but does so very eloquently. Jurgens knows that his readers are educated and so he writes to them. Again, I’m more used to the Dan Jurgens who had to paint within the lines when Superman died, but with this Black Label format, he gets to ride all over the road.  As his passengers, we’re the ones who are in for a thrill!

Rabbi Jacob Cohen

Lacking an Alfred, we find Bruce seeking solace among the Rabbi and also finding a medical need fulfilled by actress Julie Madison. It turns out that these actions do occur to replace Alfred in Bruce’s life.

“Sparky”… it’s not quite the nickname for Bruce, but this is a whole different universe.

Gordon Saves the Day, But Plants Quite the Seed…

Mike Perkins has, as always, understood the assignment and stands on business. His art is wonderful and the battle scenes rival anything that’s ever been done with Batman and zombies/undead/creatures… ever.  However, what will resonate after Gordon insists that Batman arm himself?  Those images at the end of the comic resonate as Jurgens may be taking Batman to places he hasn’t been to since DC’s Golden Age.


The first issue was an appetizer, but this time Jurgens really shows off his writing skills in The Batman: First Knight #2! This comic is well worth checking out, as I’m not one for period pieces and wasn’t even a big fan of Gotham by Gaslight. However, we do see a Gotham at its lowest point and a Batman with absolutely no tech, but full of resolve. Dan Jurgens has shredded the Dark Knight down to his bare bones, so let’s see what Gotham can throw at him now!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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