Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo Announce New ‘Teen Titans: Starfire’ YA Graphic Novel

Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo have returned to give us another amazing Young Adult graphic novel: Teen Titans: Starfire. The writer and artist of the best-selling YA graphic novels Teen Titans: Raven, Teen Titans: Beast Boy, Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven, and Teen Titans: Robin, so we’re definitely all in for a treat when their new book’s released on the July 2nd.

Since their DC debut in 2019, this Teen Titans series has gained many beloved fans, due to Picolo’s beautiful art style and the work and Garcia’s wonderful writing. Readers, including the Dark Knight News writing team, have fallen head over heels for the world have created. These are real teens (powers or not) who are just trying to find their way through their high school and college days as they discover their abilities, which doesn’t make life any easier for them.

Garcia says:

Working with Gabriel on the Teen Titans graphic novels is so much fun. He’s a massive talent and an incredible person. We’ve worked hard to give each Teen Titan a story that reflects not only who they are as a hero, but also who they are as a regular teenager. I can’t wait for readers to see what we’ve got in store for Starfire this summer!

In Teen Titans: Starfire, Kori Anders works at a Santa Monica beach club with her sister, Kira. Preferring to forgo parties and the latest clothes trends, she’d rather hang out with her new friend, Victor Stone (Cyborg), and discover more about the universe.

When her sister’s boyfriend, Tate Fairweather, offers the girls a chance to participate in an EDS study at his uncle’s pharmaceutical company, they jump at the chance. During the treatment, Kori finds that she has developed strange new powers, but she might not be the only one.

Can she persuade her sister to trust her before it’s too late? Then, when a carload of teens with their own powers come looking for her to warn her about a creepy stalker, she’ll learn that trust is a two-way street!

I have so much fun working with Kami on the Teen Titans graphic novels. We’ve developed a great creative rhythm over the years, and I really hope that current and new fans like what we’re putting together with Teen Titans: Starfire.
– Gabriel Picolo

Available to preorder at participating booksellers, mass-market retailers, e-tailers, and comic book shops, Teen Titans: Starfire is set to be released on July 22. We can’t wait to add this latest installment to our Teen Titans collection, and we just need a Cyborg one to complete the gang!

Source: DC Comics

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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