Luke Wilson Talks About His ‘Merry Little Batman’ Voice

by Eric Lee
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Batman and Bruce Wayne actor Luke Wilson has discussed why he didn’t use the stereotypical gritty Batman voice in Merry Little Batman.

In an interview with, Wilson described his process of choosing his Batman voice for the holiday movie. To Wilson, since the movie’s tone is sillier and more kid-friendly, he wanted his portrayal to reflect a more upbeat feeling.

“We’ve all seen the gravelly voiced, dark, dystopian take on Bruce Wayne, which is really fun and cool to watch. So, you know, just as soon as I saw that the title of this was Merry Little Batman and I read the script — which was so funny — I got an idea of who the target audience was. Younger kids, families, parents. Knowing that informed my take on it.”

In the film, Damian finds his own Batsuit complete with an AI version of Bruce’s voice. Wilson provided the voice of the AI too. For the most part, the actor described it as very similar to his normal Bruce voice.

“As I remember, I tried to alter my voice. When I did my normal voice for Bruce Wayne, I was trying to have it be like a dad’s voice trying to keep his child entertained and have a sense of fun. So when we did the computer voice, I tried to change my voice a little. And I believe they put some little effect on it.”

Luke Wilson on Damian

Merry Little Batman also marks the appearance of a very different Damian Wayne. Previously, Damian made his debut in the DC Animated feature Son of Batman. Since then he’s been in multiple DC Animated movies and some television shows. The most recent occurrence was in the latest season of Harley Quinn

However, Luke Wilson was unaware of the character, or that Batman had a son.

“I did not know. I was shocked that Batman had a son named Damian. I’m sure it’s one of those things with a whole backstory. It’s very interesting how the writers and artists in the comics add all kinds of new changes and twists. They introduce different takes on it. I don’t know where Damian was introduced, but I’m sure it would’ve been in the hard copy of the comic at some point.”

You can watch Merry Little Batman on Amazon Prime now.


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