DKN Spotlight Review: Batman and Robin #1

by James Attias
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“Batman & Robin”
Writers: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Simone Di Meo
Letterer: Steve Wands
Review by James Attias

The dynamic duo is back! Batman and Robin #1 is here and the Dynamic Duo of Bruce and Damian Wayne is together again, to take on a bold new threat. Will they survive the experience, and each other? Let’s swing in…

BatDad and BirdSon

What an exciting time to be a Bat fan! Batman and all the Bat-family comics are filling the shelves, and there’s something for everyone. I love it! As you can see, I’m being sentimental, which is something that Bruce has trouble with in this issue. To say that the Wayne boys have had a rocky relationship would be an understatement. Do you remember the last time we saw these two headlining a book together was Batman vs. Robin?

Having survived all those fights (sort of) and buried the hatchet (kind of) we find ourselves in the middle of a war… The Gotham War, the War of Bats and Cats. Batman and Catwoman are currently clashing on a more permanent solution for Gotham’s crime. Whilst a lot of the Bat family are torn, or have even taken Selina’s side (shame on all of them!) Damian never faltered. He stuck by his father and his father’s mission without a doubt. As a result (or perk… or punishment?) Bruce and Damian are going to be living together in Bruce’s brownstone. This is where the former billionaire has been living since he was cleaned out financially, during the “Joker War“. Man, all these wars in the streets.

There were a few things that I loved as soon as I read this issue. Damian’s growing up (thank the lord!), I mean, he’s been 13 years old for 8 years! I’m glad he’s finally 15-ish now… maybe. Either way, he’s growing up, and we get to see he’s truly a mirror of the man who raised him, Alfred Pennyworth! Sarcastic comments and all. It warmed my heart to see Damian treating his own father the same way Alfred used to.

Animal Crackers

As well as a wonderful dynamic, beautifully written by Joshua Williamson, the man who’s been writing Damian Wayne’s adventures for the last few years. We’re also treated to a great splash of art throughout the book, with some of the more animal-based villains being spotlighted. Why the beastly baddies? Why Are these animalistic ne’er do wells the focus? What is yet to come? Shhhh… spoilers…


Batman and Robin #1 is great fun and sets up this new series superbly. I’m already counting down the days until the next issue.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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