McFarlane Toys Releases New Batcycle

by Marsha Reilly
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McFarlane Toys has given us a great new Batcycle, based on the one seen in the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. The vehicle has been a fan favorite since it was first introduced and the version from the animated series only made us love it more.

Black and bright blue, the colors villains of the villains’ bruises after Batsy’s found them, it’s impossible to mistake this beautiful bike. There have been several adaptations of the Batcyle throughout the years, loved and recognizable in their own ways, but none like this version. Na na na na na na na

This lovely piece comes with an extra interchangeable Batman head with a helmet and a reversible display base. As well as smoke and light effects, allowing it to be as dark and mysterious as it is in the TV series. Designed for use with the 6” figure range, the bike also comes with a collectible art card with character art and biography on the back. Na na na na na na na na

Ride with Batman through the dark streets of Gotham, by preordering your own Batcycle (Batman: The Animated Series) Figure today, only from Target. Na na na na na na na na

Source: McFarlane Toys

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys Na na na na na na na na

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