Review: Batman: The Adventures Continue #3.7

“The Offer” – Part Two
Writers: Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Artists: Ty Templeton with Norm Rapmund and Jacob Edgar
Color Artist: Monica Kubina
Letterer: Josh Reed
Review by James Attias

Just when I thought the last issue was the best one of the series so far, along comes Batman: The Adventures Continue #3.7 and it’s even better!

Let’s fly in…

Bat’s Advocate

When Ra’s Al Ghul offered Batman a better world, I think that Bruce must’ve himself asked the question (just as we did, as readers)… What’s the catch? This issue picks up where we left off. Catwoman was being hunted and chased across the rooftops of Gotham by the deadly Court of Owls… Or should I say undead? These lifeless, life-taking Talons have been a constant plague upon Gotham throughout this series, but what’s their endgame?

We also get a Gotham City Sirens reunion, with Harley and Ivy coming to Selina’s aid and taking her in. This gives a great way for Batman to request Ivy take a look at the gift he was given by the Demon’s head, as something about this offer just doesn’t feel right.

This issue was wonderfully paced, with flashbacks of Catwoman vs The Court of Owls, mixed in with “Who can you trust?” moments and a wonderful undercurrent of betrayal. This issue really did have me on the edge of my seat.

Give The People What They Want

One of my favorite things about this story’s that it has something for everyone. Suspense, obviously, Batman fighting alongside friends and foes, an immediate threat, an overarching story, a secret plan, and cameos from other characters. It just ticked all the boxes.

The writing really felt like a build-up to a season finale, so I’m totally pumped for the next/final issue of this run. The art was beautiful, showing us the characters we love the in way they’re supposed to look! I can’t emphasize this enough; when a character who’s been exciting and delighting us for over 80 years doesn’t look right, it ruins great writing. In this issue, everyone looked wonderful, and I tip my hat to the creative team.


Batman: The Adventures Continue #3.7 was a fantastic issue that left me wanting very little, yet screaming for the next chapter! The finale is going to be out of control!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Review Written In Loving Memory of Kevin Conroy. Always Our Batman.

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