Review: Batman Incorporated #11

by James Attias
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“Joker Incorporated” – Part four
Writer: Ed Brisson
John Timms, Sergio Acuña and Nikola Čižmešija
Color Artist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by James Attias

Batman Incorporated #11 delivers the sudden death round of the Clown vs Bat Battle Royal; with family, hostages and a code of honor on the line… is this a fight Batman Incorporated can win?

Batman Does Not Kill

This story’s getting better with every issue. This puts my mind at ease as it started with a lot of iffy moves. So, to finally see just how The Joker is driving the team absolutely nuts and tearing them apart makes me happy (not for the team, but as a reader).

The sadistic clown prince of crime is doing his utmost to get any member of Batman Inc. To kill one of his international clowns. We even get a genuinely good backstory for one of the jesters, which did surprise me.

The team are spread pretty thin at the moment, all over the world in fact. Some are trying to figure out a way to deactivate the Joker’s deadly bombs, one’s facing the man who tried to kill his father, while another’s at odds with his own sister. Some are even facing each other! one, however, is facing a… Deadly. French. Clown. This is the high stakes round and I don’t think that everyone’s going to make it out unscathed.


High Noon. A cowboy clown is of course going to challenge a cowboy bat to a duel with 6 shooter pistols, so I just wanted an excuse to write: it was great to see an artist drawing a draw! (I regret nothing). The artists this issue were fresh blood for this book and I enjoyed their work more than the last issue. There was a lot more character definition. Also, as I mentioned earlier the writing has a leveled-up too. Will we ever get a cameo from Batman in Batman Inc.? Who knows, but let’s hope we get a good pay off.


Batman Incorporated #11 was an improvement on the last few issues. I’m genuinely excited to see how this one turns out!

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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