Review: Titans #2

“Out Of The Shadows” – Part Two
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Nicola Scott
Color Artist: Annette Kwok
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

Titans #2 has sped its way to us, so let’s Boom Tube in and get straight to it!

Wally West: Fastest Man Alive (or Dead)?

When the bad guys are on the attack you can rest knowing they’ve got your back. The previous issue (and first of this new run) left us all with our jaws on the floor. Wally West has been killed. I think I speak for all DC comics fans who’ve been reading everything since at least 2011 in saying… WE JUST GOT HIM BACK!?

Firstly, how dare we question the story telling of our beloved Tom Taylor? In Tom we trust! There’s a plan, and without giving anything away, rest assured Titans fans, this won’t be another 7-year Waste-of-Wally. So, let’s dive into this issue.

It was so refreshing to see a team that’s connected. There are no egos, and no pointless drama that appears as if from nowhere. This is a group pf people who have been working together since they were barely teenagers. They know each other, they love each other.

We’re treated to a little flashback early on where we’re shown just how frustrating it would have been, being a Titan living in the Justice League’s huge shadow. It was fun and a great little throwback to a Geoff Johns’ Justice League line from the last New 52 issue of that title. Yes, it’s been a long wait for this pay off, but guess what? The Titans are now The Super Team guarding the planet, and they can be better than the Justice League. Just. You. Wait.

Beast Mode

In this issue we see the team dealing with a huge man-made forest fire. It was cool to see them in action, responding to a natural (well… unnatural) disaster. Sadly for the team, they couldn’t save everyone. Some animals were lost in the blaze, which was quite triggering for Beast Boy (or Changeling?… everyone just calls him Gar now).

We get to see him take on a form we haven’t seen since before DC Future State, where he was big, mean, and green, and didn’t look like he was mimicking any animals. I enjoyed knowing that, even though he was fused with Cyborg, then shot in the eye, his history isn’t all being erased as if it never happened.

The art was outstanding again, just like issue one. The writing has a fantastic way of making you think one thing then turning the outcome into a surprise; that’s Tom Taylor’s gift. I’m loving this series so far, and we’re only two issues in.

My wish list for next month is for the Titans to face someone who would give the Justice League some trouble, not just upgraded Titans villains. My reasoning? They beat all the Titans villains when they were teenagers, let’s see them be better then the League.


Titans #2 continues the Tom Taylor Hot Streak of fantastic issues. DC, please take care of this writer, make sure he knows just how valued he is, AND just how much his fans are loving all his titles.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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