Amazon Picks Up Multiple Animated Batman Projects

by Eric Lee
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Amazon Prime has announced that it will host three different Batman related projects, including the Caped Crusader series.

Last month, Amazon confirmed a two season order for Batman: The Caped CrusaderAn all-star talent line-up of Bruce Timm, JJ Abrams, and Matt Reeves will head the series. However, that’s not all. The holiday-themed animated movie Merry Little Batman and its spin-off, Bat-Family will also feature on Amazon’s streaming platform.

The streaming giant also released a statement about the various Batman shows. The head of television at Amazon Vernon Sanders seems to expressed his happiness with these announcements.

Batman: The Animated Series helped pioneer in the evolution of superhero storytelling and defined the Dark Knight for a generation. Batman: Caped Crusader will no doubt continue that tradition and, alongside Merry Little Batman and Bat-Family, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Warner Bros. Animation to offer a variety of takes of the Batman mythos to our global Prime Video customers.”

Originally, HBO Max ordered Merry Little Batman and The Caped Crusader as a part of their original content. However, since the Discovery take-over, Warner Bros. has been either canceling products mid-production or deleting content from their streaming library. Warner ultimately canceled the three projects. Fortunately, now Prime Video will be giving the features a new platform.

Merry Little Batman

With the announcement came the first images of Merry Little Batman and the accompanying Bat-Family. Mike Roth of The Regular Show fame is directing the movie and… the designs really do look like they came from The Regular Show. The two projects are action-comedies, which explains the over-the-top visual style.

Merry Little Batman is about a (very) young Damian Wayne taking on the mantle of “Little Batman” to stop the villains from ruining the holidays. Bat-Family will follow the events of the movie and feature Batman, Alfred and Damian.

Interestingly, Merry Little Batman‘s character designs and description have leaked on the internet, and they are wild.

For example, in this universe Batman’s a 50 year old who has obsessively dedicated himself to being the best dad ever, so much so that he’s cleaned up all of crime in Gotham City so he isn’t distracted anymore. Yes. Gotham has zero crime because he felt like it was a distraction. This is like the happier version of Dark Knight Returns, but where Bruce Wayne is a well-adjusted person.

There are no release dates at this time for Batman: Caped Crusader, Merry Little Batman or Bat-Family.


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