‘Titans’ Reveals New Robin Suit

The Titans TV show has unveiled the new Robin suit that Tim Drake will wear in the final episodes of the series.

On Twitter, fans were treated to actor Jay Lycurgo wearing a modified Robin suit and accompanying concept art. The suit looks like a cross between the Robin suits that Dick Grayson and Jason Todd wore in previous seasons. It also seems to have some elements of Tim Drake’s post-Infinite Crisis uniform. That outfit stripped the green out of the color scheme and gave Batman-like scalloping on the cape’s edges.

Here, Tim Drake’s Robin costume tones down the green elements that were present in other iterations of the uniform. They’ve also finally given him short sleeves, although he has huge elbow guards that cover a good portion of his arms. He also sports gauntlets that resemble Batman’s. The suit also utilizes fingerless gloves, which quite frankly are more functional and cooler looking.

Check out the trailer for the final part of season 4 below.

While it’s not seen in the photo, the concept art also shows Drake wielding his iconic bo staff. Naturally, the staff is adorned with electric taser endings to give it a bit more punch.

All in all, this suit is pretty rad. The only complaint is that I wish they’d left his shoulders/sleeves green.

You can catch Tim Drake as Robin in action in Titans. The last part of Titans season 4 will hit HBO Max on April 13 in the US.

Source: Twitter.com

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