‘Batman/Spawn’ Gets “Unplugged” B&W Reprint

Batman/ Spawn will get a black-and-white and unlettered re-release next month. The art-only reprint is titled Batman/Spawn: Unplugged. DC Comics will release the special one-shot in February 2023.

Batman/Spawn: Unplugged

In a press release, writer and inker Todd McFarlane expressed his joy at the black and white re-release.

“It’s always exciting whenever us artists can present our work in as unfiltered a manner as possible. This book will let you see the true skill of how Greg Capullo does his masterful storytelling… and every line that we both put down.”

Artist Greg Capullo also showed his appreciation for the fan feedback from the crossover.

“You guys did it again! You came out in stunning support for the ‘Batman/Spawn’ crossover. The next treat we have in store is a raw release, stand-alone, black-and-white version! No words. No color. Just the raw power of line art. I’m certain that you’ll dig it as much as Todd and I do.”

Other ‘Batman/Spawn’ Reprintings

The black-and-white reprint won’t be the only one on the shelves. DC is also publishing a second printing with a slightly tweaked logo treatment. This will be released on February 7, 2023.

Finally, Spawn/Batman completists can look forward to the Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition. This hardcover volume will collect the original 90’s crossovers and the 2022 team-up one-shot.

Additionally, the Deluxe Edition will boast Capullo’s pencils for Batman/Spawn and Klaus Janson’s inks from Batman/ Spawn: War Devil. On top of that, it will have all the variant covers from the 2022 one-shot and promises other extras. Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition will be available at comic shops and bookstores on April 4th.

Batman/Spawn Unplugged is something brand new and we here at Dark Knight News can’t wait to see it.

Check out DKN’s review of the latest crossover here. For retro fans, check out DKN’s reviews of the 90’s Spawn and Batman team-ups here.

Source: DC.com

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