BTS ‘Batgirl’ Stunt Shows Holiday Flair

Even though Batgirl has officially been cancelled by Warner Bros., a behind-the-scenes video has been released that shows a brief stunt sequence involving Christmas trees.

The video was posted by stunt woman Emely Cartagena and then re-tweeted by Alysia Yeoh actress Ivory Aquino. It shows a quick sequence where Batgirl flails through a skylight before catching herself on a giant electric red Christmas tree. Amid the chaos, sparks and small explosions fly everywhere.

Due to the hectic flurry of action, it’s hard to make out exactly what’s happening in the scene. It seems like Batgirl flew into a banquet hall or restaurant, as there are table settings everywhere that get demolished by the falling Christmas tree.

The haphazard, uncontrolled way Batgirl’s seen to be falling in seems to indicate that she’s either new at the superhero game, or that she was blindsided mid-swing, causing her to crash.

It’s certainly nice to see a glimpse of what could have been an exciting Batgirl movie. It’s always more visceral when the stunts and sets are real, unlike a lot of of Marvel movies. This film seems like it was trying to capture a more tangible feeling of action-thrills. It’s definitely a shame that it’s unlikely fans will be able to see an official release of the movie.

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