Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #49-#51

by Marsha Reilly
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #49-#51
CRC Payne – Creator
Rhett Bloom (StarBite) – Creator
Review by Marsha Reilly

After the Season 1 Finale, the series is on a break until Season 2, but that just gives us enough time to reread it a couple more times. Here are my thoughts on Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #49-#51.

The webcomic is released on WebToon and is a great way to brighten your day a little.

No Super-People In Gotham! 

Barbra Gordon, as it turns out, is much more like her father and father figure than you’d expect. I don’t mean that she’s a brilliant genius who’s amazing at putting criminals behind bars, but that she doesn’t know how to take a break. Also, she learns things the hard way. Thankfully Dick Grayson’s there to pull her away from her computers before she burns herself out too much.

She says something I think all heroes are plagued with:

I feel like if I stop to take a break, and someone gets hurt, that’s on me.

Carrying the weight of Gotham on their shoulders is too big a burden for anyone. Even Bruce takes a night off sometimes, although reluctantly and it’s definitely forced upon him. At least he has Superman to cover for him though, and… Harley Quin? All this confuses Supes as well because her impression of the Dark Knight is so spot on. Both claiming to be Batsy’s best friend doesn’t help them get along either, which is where Alfred and his no-nonsense parenting come in handy!


Oracle is the Bat Family’s eye in the sky, the one who directs them to their targets. So, getting sucked into a loop, too worried that something could happen that she could help prevent is definitely in her character. This is even more evident when the people she wants to make proud are Commissioner Gordon and Batman.

Nightwing calling her Batgirl as he leaves, after dragging her away from her computer, put a smile on my face too. It was like he was telling her she’s still Batgirl too, and still making a difference. She’s still a hero, even if she goes by a different name.

I’ve enjoyed every chapter of this series and I can’t wait for it to return. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer. If you can’t wait for the next chapter and need a regular DC fix, WebToon also has Red Hood: Outlaws, Zatanna & The Ripper, and Vixen: NYC available.

This is a review of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #49-#51To read my previous reviews,  click here.

10 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment and WebToon

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