Is Matt Reeves’ Trilogy Of Batman Films Still Happening?

A recent Twitter Spaces between Erik Davis of Fandango and The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez included a comforting bit of news for fans hoping for a follow through on director Matt Reeves’ stated desire to complete his  trilogy of Batman films starring Robert Pattinson.

Prep the bat

Despite high expectations for many upcoming DC/Warner Bros. projects, including Black Adam and The Flash,  Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films continue to wallow in bad press following the high profile burying of the nearly complete $90 million Batgirl movie.

Industry insiders and comic store regulars alike are blasting WB for muddled messaging and a clear lack of a concrete vision for DC properties on the silver screen. In an environment where nothing is certain, fans can seek hope in every scrap of good news concerning a possible trilogy of Batman films directed by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader.

Fingers Crossed

According to the internet conversation between Davis and Gonzalez, at least one sequel to The Batman is as close to a sure thing as fans can hope for following the blockbuster status of the first installment:

Davis: Is [Robert] Pattinson the guy [to continue to be the DC’s Batman]? That was an old regime move too, that first Batman movie. Really good, I loved it. A little divisive for some people, maybe not as accessible for some people. I know [Matt] Reeves wants to do a trilogy. We talked to Pattinson, he wants to do a trilogy. He wants to do a whole arc as Bruce Wayne. Do you think that they stay the course?


Gonzalez: Of course. Why wouldn’t they? The first movie was a success, so I’m pretty sure that they’re going to let Reeves do his trilogy. That Batman in that universe will continue going forward.

Now granted, despite how knowledgeable and connected Davis and Gonzalez are, this is not exactly breaking news straight from the executive wash room, but with all the turmoil enveloping DC and the WB, its at least something for fans hopeful of a trilogy of Batman films to keep their spirits high.

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