Review: Batgirls #5

One Way or Another
Writers: Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad
Artist: Jorge Corona
Color Artist: Sarah Stern
Letterer: Becca Carey
Review by Fay Clark

Here we are, at the penultimate issue of this series. I can’t believe we’re here, and there are certainly a lot of unanswered questions from the last issue. Let’s hope that our Batgirls can find out everything they need to know in Batgirls #5.

Batgirls Back at it Again

Okay, hear me out. Babs is the eldest sister, Cas is the middle child and Steph’s the youngest. That fits, right? That’s why they all work together so well because they all fulfill different roles in the team. The Classic Batgirl has the most experience, The Quiet Batgirl has observational skills that even Bruce is jealous of, and The Rush In and Ask Questions Later Batgirl has a heart of gold.

Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad really show off all these different traits in this issue. You get to see these awesome ladies working together, trying to find out just what in the heck’s going on in Gotham. A lot happens in a very short amount of time and I’m still at a loss as to how what happens in the latest chapter will help wrap up the series. I’m so in love with the depiction of the girls’ relationships with each other as there really is no one better for each other than these surrogate sisters.

Beautiful Bat Babes

Well, this was quite a turn of events. Finally, we get to see Babs in her get up being a complete boss. Jorge Corona really pays attention to detail, as I could see the design work of the costumes really popping. Not to mention the colorwork from Sarah Stern. The glow of the mechanisms in Batgirls #5 is spectacular and I love how Corona and Stern have melded their talents together to give us everything they did. Seeing Steph, Cas, and Babs all suited up against villainous glowing robots was amazing. There was something about the backgrounds also, the details and general atmosphere of the colors were more intense somehow.


This cannot be the second to last issue of the series! There’s still so much to do with these girls, and so much more I need to know. I just don’t understand how this will all be resolved in just one issue! Either way, I’m fully looking forward to it and can’t wait to get my Batgirls fix next time.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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