Review: Batgirls #4

“One Way or Another” – Part Four
Writers: Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad
Artist: Jorge Corona
Color Artists: Sarah Stern
Letterer: Becca Carey
Review by Fay Clark

What a series! We’ve already seen so many amazing examples of chaos and we get several more in Batgirls #4If I could wish for anything it would be that this gets turned into an ongoing series. As it currently stands this is the 4th of 6 issues, and I need more!!

Bestie Batgirls for life

Listen, if you’re going to hint at Cass and Steph being besties, then follow through. I want their names tattooed on each other, matching t-shirts, sleepovers where they braid each other’s hair, and giggle about how silly the Bat Boys look in their uniforms. Cloonan and Conrad can’t just dangle this delightful option in front of us and then not back it up. Saying that, I have to admit that C² did give us an emotionally charged scene toward the end of the issue that would qualify as good Batgirl Bestie Bonding.

It’s adorable when Barbara gets in protective mom mode over Steph and Cass. What’s even more adorable is when the girls do it back to her! Becky and Michael really have written in the strong familial ties for these three, which is great and works super well with the storyline too. They have to rely on each other, as it seems like the rest of the world is out to get the Batgirls.

I think the stand-out character for me in Batgirls #4 has to be Cassandra Cain. She had some great one-liners (one in particular that I 100% agree with) and gave fantastic emotional support to her team. I love how Cloonan and Conrad have been writing the girls.

Untrustworthy face… Just look at those micro-expressions!

This isn’t a dig at the artist, Jorge Corona, it’s quite the opposite, in fact. This entire issue was a job well done. We have a reveal at the end that I think a few of us saw coming. However, I’m pretty sure I didn’t trust this person from the start, just because of the way Jorge had drawn them. Something about this character felt off, every time I looked at them. That is what we call amazing artistry. Having such an unsuspecting character made you feel unsettled, even the Batgirls didn’t like him. That was when I knew I was on to something.

Sarah Stern, what can I say. No… really… what?! I’m at a loss for words.

I love the way that color has been used in this series. Very vibrant and in your face, yet also on some characters very glowing and ominous. There’s so much going on and it is all fantastic to behold, particularly a full-page spread by Corona and Stern that’s good enough to frame. I think I may even get a second copy and do just that. It’s an amazing piece of art and it would look great in or out of context! I stared at it for at least 5 minutes.


How are we already at issue 4?! I can’t believe we only have 2 left, as there are still so many unanswered questions. I have no idea how this is going to wrap up! Cloonan and Conrad have a task ahead of them and I can’t wait to read it and get in on all the Batgirls’ fun and adventure!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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