Review: Future State Gotham #12

“Laugh Riot” and “The Man Who Flies”

Writers: Dennis Culver and Jamal Campbell
Artists: Giannis Milonogiannis
and Jamal Campbell
Letterers: ALW’s Troy Peteri and Deron Bennett

Review by Fay Clark

Leaving off the last issue like that was mean. I always worry about the Bat Boys, but this was a totally different situation. What spectacular plot twist nonsense that was! Let’s see what Future State Gotham #12 has to add to the already crazy plot lines.

Betrayal and Blood

I don’t know what’s happening with Dennis Culver, but gosh darn you do not need to hurt fans like that. Already knowing the Batfam needs more therapy than Bruce’s Millions would ever be able to pay for just adds another level of WHY DO YOU WANT TO HURT THEM? to the issueCulver really said, “All logical thought will no longer exist”. Sir, please hear me out… Alfred did not raise these boys to be idiots, that’s just how they seem to have turned out.

Although there are some *cough, cough* questionable decisions being made, I can see the Batboys doing these things. I guess I just hope that they would have learned a few things by now! Like who not to trust, or don’t mainline psychedelic drugs… but hey, wishful thinking.

You’re having a Joke!

I feel like I’m getting more and more used to seeing the subtle differences in the art styles of everyone who works on this series. Somehow I knew even before I saw the name. Giannis Milonogiannis you are clearly making an impression on me!

The shading in his work absolutely blows me away. There’s so much depth to the images in front of you, that it takes a good few minutes to absorb everything that’s going on. This issue matches both writing and art spectacularly well, the talent from both talents is unreal.

A Bird with Wings

We all know that I love Jason Todd, but Dick Grayson’s the most classic of all the Batboys. This short story written and drawn by Jamal Campbell is a must-read for any Nightwing fan. This was very freeing, while somehow an underline feeling of claustrophobia throughout. I would love to be able to fly free like that, yet I think I would instantly throw up! Dick has such a positive outlook on most things, so it was interesting to see Jamal bring in a slightly darker tone to the former Boy Wonder.


Future State Gotham #12 has smashed it. This entire series is a wild ride. Every time I come back to it, I’m shocked to discover what new insanity is occurring. I need Dennis Culver to stop leaving me on a cliff like that, as my fingers can’t hold onto the ledge much longer!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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