Build A Bear Launch New Batman Collection

by Louise Dempsey
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NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa BatBear!!!!! Build A Bear Workshop has launched a brand new collection that features Batman, Catwoman, and The Riddler.

First up is the Batman-inspired bear. This Cute Crusader has black fur with a yellow bat symbol embroidered on its chest. Its paw pad also features a cool Batman, comic-book-style picture. The bear is available on its own or as part of a bundle.

If you go for the bundle option, it includes the Batman-inspired bear, grey and black Batman costume, and a pair of bear-sized black rubber boots to complete the look.


The second bear in the collection is the online exclusive gift set, which features Pawlette the bunny dressed in a Catwoman costume.

It seems rather odd to me that they would use a bunny instead of a cat but, the Catwoman costume and boots can also be purchased separately if you wanted to have a different plush.

The last bear in the collection is the Happy Hugs Teddy as The Riddler. He comes wearing The Riddler suit and also has a purple mask, brown boots, and a plush Riddler cane.

All of the bears in the collection are extremely cute but if you did want a different bear all of the costumes and accessories can be purchased separately. There’s even an option to add sound effects or scent to the bears.

The Batman collection is now available for purchase on the Build A Bear website and also in some stores.

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