McFarlane Toys Announce “Page Punchers”

by Marsha Reilly
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McFarlane Toys have just announced “Page Punchers”, combining people’s love of comics and actions figures into one! Announced on his Twitter, Todd McFarlane explains his new creation in a short video about these great new collectibles.

Page Punchers will include small action figures that stand at around three inches tall and have five (or six if you include their cape) points of articulation. Fans will also get a complete DC comic book in a protective case featuring a pivotal story starring the character it comes with. Each co,ic book featured in the promo video is a true classic, and well worth owning, alongsdide each action figure.

Costing just $9.99 USD per issue, the toys we see in the video are Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Black Adam, but there are most likely many more to come.

At this price, it may be worth buying two of each; one to read and play with, and one to keep mint-in-the-box!

McFarlane is no stranger to creating new toys and the plastic he has chosen for these small figures looks durable and put together well. Toys that actually look like they can be played with.

As it says on their website, although they announce a 2022 release, the “Page Punchers” have not been yet confirmed and are pending approval to be made and sold. Due to this, there is no information about where they are hoping to be sold yet either.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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