Michael Keaton Batman appears on ‘Batgirl’ Set

Behind the scenes images and videos have captured Michael Keaton as Batman on the set of Batgirl.

Previously, notable Batman actor Michael Keaton was heavily rumored to return to the role in the Batgirl movie. Despite a leaked call sheet with his name on it, there was never any official confirmation, until now.

There are leaked behind-the-scene images of a Batman ’89-style Batman. The suit is all black and sports the bright yellow oval Bat Symbol. To be fair, despite what the Twitter poster says, it’s unclear if that’s a stunt man or Keaton actually donning the suit.

More Potential Michael Keaton Sightings

There’s more evidence of the Keaton Batman on the set of Batgirl. A separate set video shows JK Simmons with floppy red hair under the Kingston Bridge in Glasglow, Scotland. Presumably, Simmons is depicting a younger version of Commissioner Gordon in a flashback sequence.

The set videos depict a sequence of events where it looks like Gordon’s confronting a gang and then is reunited with maybe a young Barbara Gordon. At the 2:58 mark, there is a brief Batman sighting with the Keaton Batman again.


Once again, it’s not clear who’s actually in the suit.

Still, it seems highly likely we will see Michael Keaton return as Batman in the film! How wild is it that we are getting two new Keaton Batman movies?

Batgirl has no release date set yet but will appear on HBO Max in either 2022 or early 2023.

Source: cbr.com

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