DC League Of Super-Pets Trailer Debuts

The League of Super-Pets, led by Krypto the Super-Dog, is ready for action ahead of their cute and cuddly 2022 film debut.

All dogs go to Hollywood

I’ve always been a big dog person. When I was a little kid I had a VHS tape of some old Adventures of Superboy episodes that I would watch over and over again, mainly because of Krypto. This was also right around the time that I started to become interested in comics. I knew that all my Superfriends had slightly more grown-up adventures in the comics but I was not yet sure what that meant exactly. So naturally, I went to my father for clarification:

“Yes, Superman is a reporter in the comics. No, he does not have a ‘Justice Jogger’.”

“What about Krypto, Daddy?”

“Oh, he was in the comics but then Alan Moore killed him.”


“Well, technically I think it was John Byrne’s evil plan, but Moore definitely did the deed.”

“K-Krypto’s dead…”

“Yep, and according to this issue of Newsweek, America just voted to kill off Robin too.”

It was a different time. Comic Book Death was much more final back then. Thankfully for younger Krypto lovers, I doubt we will have to worry about that kind of trauma being inflicted on us again anytime soon.

That’ll do, pets

A-listers like Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, and the dog himself, Dwayne Johnson highlight the voice talent for this timeless tale of a loyal dog out to rescue his master with the help of some good pals. Of course, there’ll be the pre-requisite pee jokes too.

DC League of Super-Pets will be padding its way to theaters in May 2022.

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