New Batman: Last Knight On Earth Statue From Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles and Kotobukiya present a new Batman: Last Knight on Earth-inspired statue. Now available for preorder!

Everyone needs a friend

Batman: Last Knight on Earth is the heartwarming tale of two mortal enemies turned best friends on the road together. It’s also a Dante-Esque journey through a hellish dreamscape filled with shattered images of comics lore… but wait, it’s also a time-jumping meditation on the nature of heroism and the trauma that gives birth to a hero like Batman.

Oh let’s just call it what it is; a sprawling, intricate story that combines all these threads and more. It is the capstone to a brilliant, decades-long storytelling run by Scott Snyder.

What’s in the box? I mean jar…

Sideshow and Kotbukiya have delivered fans another great figure to remember and celebrate the insane, terrifying, and endlessly entertaining tale of Batman: Last Knight on Earth!

Let’s look at the pitch:

From the dream team of Snyder and Capullo, presented by DC Black Label, Batman from Batman: Last Knight on Earth is joining the ARTFX line!


The Dark Knight is depicted as he traverses the earth with the head of his nemesis The Joker sealed in a container. Standing 30 cm tall, this detailed piece captures the stylization and form of the unique pencil work in the comics.


The statue’s base is a metal plate in the shape of the logo on Batman’s chest, and has a simple design that is easy to display straight out of the box.


Brand DC Comics

Manufacturer Kotobukiya

Type Statue

Artist Victor Hugo (Sculpt)

This figure is the perfect symbol of one of the great Batman tales, so order one for yourself or as a gift for your best bud!

Images and press release courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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