#RestoreTheSnyderVerse is Back, What’s Next?

Has the fat lady sung yet? Because it seems that the SnyderVerse might not be over after all. HBO Max recently praised Zack Snyder’s Justice League on the global stage and fans have run wild with the news. In fact, they’re so excited about HBO Max’s compliments to the blockbuster that #RestoreTheSnyderVerse has been trending on Twitter once again.

Here’s the rundown.

Tweet Tweet

HBO Max has recently been running a showcase event called HBO Max Europe, which aims to promote the streaming platform before its overseas launch. As during any event in this day and age, Tweets were made praising different content on the site.

In the linked Tweet thread, several videos were posted. In one of these videos, Priya Dogra, the president of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Asia-Pacific, calls HBO Max “the home of DC”. Additionally, Dogra makes a specific point of praising Zack Snyder’s Justice League, saying that the movie is a “global phenomenon”.

Yes… and?

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for DC fans to latch on to this video and Dogra’s comment with fervor. The hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse resurfaced for the first time since the film’s release on HBO Max in March 2021. Obviously, the Snyder cut of Justice League only happened because of fan support and excitement. This could mean a potential for further DC-Snyder projects in the future.

Unfortunately, though, the possibility of more Snyder work with WB is very unlikely. WB’s Anne Sarnoff at one time said that the Snyder trilogy was considered “complete”. Also, Snyder has recently signed deals with Netflix to develop a spin-off of the Army of the Dead franchise, as well as an original film, Rebel Moon. Snyder is not without work and so it seems doubtful that he’d return to a less than favorable professional environment, especially if he’s not wanted. Snyder himself has stated that WB was aggressively “anti-Snyder” ever since he returned to finish Justice League.

Still, HBO Max might see fans’ commitment to Zack Snyder and offer him projects instead. WB might not knock on Snyder’s door for future projects, but that doesn’t mean that all studios will be as foolish. No matter what though, Zack Snyder isn’t going away any time soon. While we might not get the SnyderVerse in terms of the DCEU, maybe the SnyderVerse can be the filmmaker’s entire body of work and not just his contributions to the comic world.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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