Todd McFarlane ‘Batman: Year Two’ Figure Unveiled

Comic superstar artist and toymaker Todd McFarlane has revealed his latest Batman figure, based on his work on Batman: Year Two.

In an Instagram video, McFarlane showed off the features of the latest McFarlane Toys, DC Designer Edition Batman figure. It boasts of a long wired cape. In fact, it is the longest cape ever on a Batman action figure. In fact, it’s so insanely long to depict a scene that McFarlane drew in the Batman: Year Two storyline.

The former Batman artist is famous for his hyper-stylized art, including capes that are larger than realistically possible.


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Todd McFarlane Reveals the Toy’s Features

The figure itself comes with a special display stand, and the long cape can also be exchanged out for a more modest fabric version. Hilariously, McFarlane revealed that Batman’s arms do not fit under the stylized cape. So when you take it off, you also have two arms to snap into the figure. Finally, the figure set comes with an exclusive trading card.

However, for serious collectors, there’s even a signed edition. This version features Todd McFarlane’s autograph on the back and is limited to only 1000 units.

The figure is a Target exclusive and will be available to pre-order on September 3rd, as part of Target’s Fall Geek Out event. However, at the time of the article writing, Target had already sold out.

According to the retailer’s website, fans can check back when the figure is released in stores. Unfortunately, the retailer has not confirmed any release date yet.

The regular edition of the DC Designer Batman: Year Two figure retails at $49.99. The signed edition retails for $79.99.

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