Todd McFarlane Shows Off New Line Of Action Figures

The legend in action figures that is Todd McFarlane took to Facebook recently, showing off a new line of DC Comics action figures. They will differ slightly from previous releases in that they will not include parts that create an extra figure (to be fair, does anyone really open these to create that figure?).

The new figures will include a couple of major characters that everyone knows, although DC fans will be well aware no matter who they are I’m sure. The other is a variant, an easy one. Nightwing Joker looks as if it is nothing more than a simple head swap with a standard Nightwing figure, featured in a pack of two with Red Hood.

One of the ‘whole’ new figures though, which will be a hit with most fans, is the John Stewart Green Lantern figure. It may also be new to comic book fans as it appears that Todd McFarlane has taken some ‘creative licence’ with it, before running it past the DC executives for approval. The initial wave features an animated take on this figure; now, he’s more realistic. The figure features snap-on hard light armor and a Gatling gun.

The third figure to have been shown off by McFarlane was Bizarro.  This figure is bulkier than you might think and has a ‘Frankenstein’ head sculp.

For more info, check out the video below and please let us know if these are figures that you’ll be picking up.  I certainly know of at least one of the Dark Knight News team, Max Byrne, who will certainly be there for them.

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