Sideshow Release Dark Knight Memorial Statue

A new Dark Knight memorial statue commemorating the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy is now available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles and Beast Kingdom.

Just going to put this out there…

I am not the biggest fan of The Dark Knight Rises darn it, too much of it occurred in the daytime. Batman is a creature of the night!

“But that’s the point,” my buddies tell me. “He had to step out of the shadows, and reveal himself in the bright light of day to inspire the people of Gotham.”

“Oh, whatever” I reply. “Bats come out at night. Or at least dusk. Couldn’t they have set the climatic confrontation at dusk? Is that too late in the evening for people to be inspired? And what was with that lame statue? It should have been dark as purest ebony and with a huge bulge like Ronaldo. He blew himself up for the city! Doesn’t he deserve a cool statue?”

“The white marble is supposed to symbolize the washing away of his guilt and fear! Plus, he didn’t blow himself up, he ran away with Catwoman!”

“The people of Gotham don’t know that! Show the man that saved your city some proper respect!”


This new Dark Knight memorial statue looks pretty well designed, if a little lacking in certain areas.

Let’s look at the hype:

Sideshow and Beast Kingdom presents the latest in high-quality statue craftmanship, the Mastercraft Dark Knight Rise – The Dark Knight Memorial (White Faux Marble Texture Edition) Statue!


The Memorial Statue series is a new recreation of the famous statues in the DC Universe. The Batman memorial statue as seen at the end of the trilogy provided a fitting sendoff to arguably one of the most seminal takes on Batman. The celebration of the Dark Knight’s legacy was commissioned by Gotham City, and showcased the brooding but powerful character, as played by Christian Bale.


Having seemingly sacrificed himself by flying a bomb destined for Gotham out of the city, he gave everything he had to save his beloved hometown!


The Mastercraft series of highly detailed, hand-painted statues, continues the tradition of recreating famous popular culture icons with fine craftsmanship. With The Dark Knight Rises MC-021SP, fans can enjoy a detailed depiction of the Memorial Statue, complete with faux marble textures bringing the rustic feel of a real statue to life.


This special edition, limited ‘SP’ release, uses white marble effects, with Batman’s chest logo and belt recreated with silver tones, to make the statue really pop.


The included base with a numbered plaque gives fans the ultimate collectible statue unlike any other. So make sure this special edition Dark Knight MC-021SP makes its way to a desk near you and show off the celebrated Christopher Nolan take on Batman!


Since the statues are hand-painted, the discontinuity of the marble pattern on the surface is a normal phenomenon!

I am as entitled to my opinion as the next fan

If you thought that The Dark Knight Rises was a triumph of modern cinema and that the ending was super, you should probably go ahead and buy this new Dark Knight memorial statue. It will look really cool on your mantle or in the middle of your garden… or wherever. Just make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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